About us

CGS is an independent think tank that looks at questions of political economy from the perspective that economic orthodoxy is irrelevant if it fails to improve lives.

We work with economists, philosophers and other thinkers and writers to publish ideas and writing that will provoke new thinking about how our economic lives can be improved. We collaborate with other organisations to find new ways of thinking about economics. We try to combine academic rigour with innovative thinking in our aim to influence policy and the larger public debate.

Our current programmes concentrate on innovative ideas for getting the UK economy out of recession, and, in the long term, how we can reconfigure the economic sphere to improve quality of life for everyone – including asking what that ‘good life’ might look like. We also have a ‘global’ stream of thought, in which we invite contributions from up-and-coming thinkers from new economic powers such as China, Russia and India.

CGS was founded in 1996 as an autonomous body inside the Social Market Foundation and then called the Centre for Post-Collectivist Studies. In 2002, CGS became fully autonomous and was renamed the Centre for Global Studies.

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