Blueprint for a British Investment Bank

BfBIB cover

Published in November 2011, Blueprint for a British Investment Bank addresses the painfully sluggish growth of the British economy post-financial crisis. Private sector demand is depressed by deleveraging and uncertainty, while public sector demand is constrained by the government’s austerity strategy.  Britain needs to rebalance its economy away from reliance on credit-fuelled private consumption and towards investment and exports.  And the public has lost confidence in banking as a socially useful activity.

A British Investment Bank (BIB) presents a potential solution to these problems.  Robert Skidelsky at the Centre for Global Studies and Felix Martin at Thames River Capital invited leading figures from the British private and public sectors, as well as representatives of the European and Nordic Investment Banks, to discuss the merits of this solution at a one day conference in Westminster on the 2 November 2011. This publication is inspired by these discussions.

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