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Does Debt Matter?

LONDON – Europe is now haunted by the specter of debt. All European leaders quail before it. To exorcise the demon, they are putting their economies through the wringer. It…

Osborne needs a Plan C

George Osborne expected to inherit a booming economy. In September 2007-the month Northern Rock collapsed – he promised to match Labour’s spending plans for his first three years as Chancellor….

Beyond Keynes and Hayek

We must be in a jittery state for a slowdown in the rate of growth to be hailed as a triumph of recovery. The fact is no firm momentum of…

An impossible crash brought Keynes back to life

When Alistair Darling said that “much of what Keynes wrote still makes sense”, anyone under 40 might well have asked: “And who on earth is Keynes”? When I first started…

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